The big topic of conversation in the gym this weekend was the report that police were part of an undercover operation as members of the motorcycle gang that attacked the family in their SUV last weekend on the West Side of Manhattan – and did nothing to stop it.

And now, for fear of being found out, one of them did not blow his cover and intervene.

There are other repercussions that he and the other 2 officers will face, or are now facing, including being assigned to modified assignments and the possible loss of their jobs in not reporting their involvement until 3 days after the attack.

But here’s what I wonder. Most everyone who had anything to say about this case wondered where the cops were. One caller to Steve’s show last week, a retired NYPD cop, said it was possible that with a shortage in manpower, many police officers were assigned to other locations, like street fairs and the like.

Now we come to know that there were police on the scene who did nothing. Were that you and your family in that Range Rover – would you sue the NYPD for not having acted?

At least three off-duty police officers say they were part of a motorcycle group that was involved in a violent assault of an SUV driver last weekend in New York City.

One of them, a detective who works undercover, even saw the attack. But apparently fearful of revealing his identity, he did not intervene. The undercover detective waited several days before coming forward. It's unclear if the other two off-duty officers also witnessed the beating.

They will all be stripped of their guns and badges and have been placed on desk duty, pending an investigation.

Sad too that it took the intervention of a passerby to stop the attack.

A man on his way to church witnessing the beating stopped it from going any further.

The law enforcement source said the undercover detective watched people like Sergio Consuegra halt the attack.

“I stood my ground ... I look at them in (their) eyes and they look at me,” Consuegra told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “So basically, there was a little tense moment of maybe couple of seconds looking at each other ... Somehow they stopped.”

The police source said the detective wasn’t investigating anyone on the ride, but he thought he could pick up some tips about criminal activity.

“It was like cold calling,” said the source.

The detective left once he knew police were on their way and several people had rushed to Lien’s aid.

Neither cop informed their superiors that they attended the ruthless ride for several days.

But not the cops who were already there.

Now, as I understand it, uniformed cops would be obligated to act in a situation like this; however the rules are murkier for undercover police.

Which makes for an interesting scenario just the same.

But given what we know, would you have sued the NYPD for their inaction in stopping the beat down of the SUV motorist?