It's time for Gov. Chris Christie to get out of the presidential race and start paying more attention to New Jersey, The New York Times says in an op-ed published online Thursday.

"The point is that New Jersey is in trouble, and the governor is off pursuing a presidential run that’s turned out to be nothing more than a vanity project," the Times editorial board wrote — saying he should join with other candidates running low on money and support and get out of the race.

The editorial makes two arguments in tandem. The first is that Christie's campaign is floundering and not worth running while New Jersey goes ignored. The second is that he's not fit to lead the country, based on his performance in New Jersey.

"While Mr. Christie talks tough to empty rooms in Des Moines, Trenton is running on autopilot," the Times wrote.

The Times wrote Christie's "role in New Jersey’s budget crisis, betrayal on affordable housing and the interlocking scandals on his watch, from Bridgegate to 'the chairman’s flight,' say a great deal" about his deservedness to lead.

Once, Christie emerged as a national politician because he was seen as a leader who put New Jersey first after it was battered by superstorm Sandy, the Times wrote. But that capital has been squandered, it argued.

"On his watch, one of the per-capita richest states in the nation has become one of its biggest laggards in economic growth, its budget woes prompting an appalling series of credit downgrades," the Times wrote. "Mr. Christie’s promises, from fixing the state’s pensions shortfall to its infrastructure, have come to less than nothing."

Christie wasn't the only one to take criticism in the op-ed — it questioned what right Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal have to be president after "shortchanging" their own states.

For his part Christie offered a succinct response: