Flirting has been taken to a whole new level with the new technology.
However this isn’t just mere flirting as you may know it.

This is more like “getting to know you” in a much more intimate fashion.

The nude selfie.

It’s one thing if it’s between consenting adults. However another if it’s between children.
Children dealing with their own hormonal changes living in the fast paced world of technological change.

And when those images are transmitted between children and show up on others’ phones, only to be redistributed; problems arise.

Problems of a criminal nature; but also problems that schools have taken upon themselves to rectify.

Should schools be involved in the disciplining of kids involved in sending nude pictures of themselves to other students?

I addressed the issue a couple of weeks ago in this video below – the same day when the governor was to stop by the station. Hence the reference to the “Ask the Governor” show.

Here’s what I said then: recently covered a story about more nude selfies showing up on classmates' phones in Somerset County.

Hate to say this, but here’s the reason why the school needs to be involved.

Much of what gets transmitted gets shared among students in the school setting disrupting the day to day operation of the school.

The other is that parents are either blissfully unaware of what their kids are doing; or just don’t care. Either way the school has become the de facto parent.

It would certainly be easier to let the chips fall where they may and let the school handle the disciplining of the students involved, but the parents need to be brought into the process.

Along with the school - and possibly law enforcement officials, to drive home the point that transmitting images of nude underage students to each other could have dire consequences.

Should schools be involved in disciplining students who send nude selfies of each other?