The Nuclear Regulatory Commission plans to hold a public meeting regarding the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in Ocean County's Lacey Township this Wednesday night. The meeting comes in response to a loud public outcry heard back three months ago.

At issue was over an open house held in March in Manahawkin. The format of the meeting didn't permit the public to make general comments about the nation's oldest generating station. Instead, it was a one on one session with an easel, power point presentation and education-type format. The public wasn't too pleased and there were protesters stationed outside the meeting. The NRC listened loud and clear and decided to present an additional meeting to give the public a chance to get their say out there on the record.

NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan says "back in March, the open house was held in the format it was in because the safety assessment for the plant in 2011 was all above board. There were no significant findings so in a case like that, we just hold the sessions for people to come in and get information and ask questions. Opinions are usually left out of that style of meeting."

Wednesday's meeting will give everyone who wants a chance to speak, the microphone to do so. Sheehan says "we are always interested in hearing from the people who live and work around the plant. However, people need to realize if they're coming to spout off how they hate nuclear power or are against the plant, there's little we can do in that case. If someone brings up an issue that we could act upon, we take all of those comments very seriously and will investigate things further."

The meeting takes place at the Holiday Inn of Toms River on Route 37 East, Wednesday night at 6 p.m.

The Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant is the site of a single boiling-water reactor and is owned by Exelon Generation Co., LLC.

It will cease operations in 2019.