Metlife Stadium will be hosting the Super Bowl 48 in 2014, but even though it's two years away, the President of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority wants businesses to now it's time to start getting ready.

While next years big game will be in New Orleans' Superdome, when the NFL's biggest event comes to New Jersey, Wayne Hasenbalg, head of the NJSEA believes businesses from north central and south jersey should all start getting ready. Additionally, he says though the game is when the world watches, it's the weeks before the Super Bowl that his department will be preparing coordinating the myriad of festivities that will be going on between the Garden State and New York.

"There will be a lot of events hosted throughout the New York and New Jersey, so from our perspective, we're working as hard as we can to get as many of those events in New Jersey as we can."

Since the Jets and Giants are billed from New York, but play in East Rutheford New Jersey, both states will be welcoming fans from across the country (and world), however Hazenbach believes the Garden State will have an advantage.

"We think more people will stay in New Jersey because it's more affordable, and we have more than enough hotel rooms around the state and within a reasonable distance of Met Life Stadium."

Last year's Super Bowl hosted by Indianapolis Colts (located in Indianapolis, Indiana) proved how much of an impact the sudden influx of visitors all at once can have on a state. Fans stayed tens of miles away from the stadium because all of the hotel's immediately close by were filled up. Hasenbalg says with New Jersey's convenient highway system, it's possible sports fans will be staying as south as Middlesex and Monmouth Counties.

To capitalize on the potential revenue boosting opportunities, Hasenbalg says himself and Al Kelly, CEO of the Super Bowl Host Committee are working on reaching out to restaurants, bars, and hotels to get them involved in the event.

However Hazenbalg says he suggests businesses not wait for them and encourages them to do their own Superbowl parties and events.

Overall he believes the game will be very beneficial to the state in the long run since it means exposure for New Jersey and a chance to show a worldwide audience the states beauty.

Additionally the state has numerous other high profile events including Formula One races and Wrestlemania, all of which bring massive crowds along with them.