How dare they? How dare they? First they try to take the word God out of the pledge of allegiance and now this? They changed the name of that irresistible, creamy bastion of PB and Marshmallow deliciousness from "Clusterfluff" to "What a Cluster". Huh?

This is because some apparently influential and over sensitive losers thought the made-up name "Clusterfluff" sounded too much like the made-up phrase "Cluster F---", which contains a naughty expletive.

Obviously, bowing to that kind of pressure and having to change all the packaging is the quintessential "cluster-f---"!!!! Or fluff.. Whatever. It's bumming me out.

Ben & Jerry, the original anti-establishment ice cream gurus are surely mortified at this overt kowtowing to the establishment!! What other gems of classic Americana will be changed next? Movies? "Citizen Kohn"? Literature? "the Mediocre Gatsby"? How bout just renaming us "the Sort of Connected States of America"?