We are now beginning to see the true effects of the 23 cent a gallon gas tax that has hit New Jersey as the average price of a gallon of regular went up 5 cents to $2.41. This put us in line with the other states whose residents used to come here to buy their gas.

Last week I took the family to Cleveland and Canton Ohio to see both the Rock n Roll Hall and Pro Football Halls of Fame. The prices were the same but the I must say I really enjoyed being able to pump it myself. I was able to get in and out of the service station with ease and didn't have to worry about having gas running down my newly washed car like it normally does in New Jersey as the attendant tries to round off to the nearest dollar (see below).

Photo by Steve Trevelise

The pump or not pump argument has gone on forever in New Jersey with some saying it will raise our prices even more, yet Sal Risalvato, Executive Director of the NJ Convenience Automotive Association tells Deminski and Doyle it could save up 8 cents a gallon or more. It's now gotten to the point of "whose is bigger?" and I'm not talking pumps.

I think the solution is to simply have an attendant on duty at all times for those "Jersey girls" who want their gas pumped. Like they couldn't get a Jersey Boy to do it? Those who want to pump their own can simply go to what is now an orange cone which isn't generating profit for anyone. unless of course the orange cone came from the Kohls on the boardwalk.

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