CLIFFSIDE PARK (AP) — A 22-year-old New Jersey special officer killed by a car while he was on a foot patrol has promoted posthumously to full-time officer.

Stephen Petruzzello (Cliffside Police)

Stephen Petruzzello had been a special officer for only about a month before he was struck by a car Saturday.

As a part-time special officer, he could make arrests but did not carry a gun. He aspired to be a full-time officer and also worked at his father's car repair shop.

He died Monday.

A second special officer was injured in the same crash but is expected to survive.

The driver who hit the two has been identified as Anie Kalayjian. The psychotherapist was in tears when she told The Record  she can't talk about the case "right now."

She has been summoned for reckless driving.

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