When police arrived at a home on Ridgewood's Olivia Street Thursday, they knew a burglar might be in the home.

They likely didn't expect the person they found to be naked.

When cops arrived, the residents of the home were evacuated and the officers searched the house, but didn't find anyone, police said. Checking the area, they heard some one in the street.

That's when they saw a "large naked nam" later identified as 48-year-old Craig Andrews walking down the street holding a glass bottle of beer and a small bag, police said. NorthJersey.com reports Andrews wasn't completely naked — but wearing a cowboy hat.

Andrews didn't listen when the officers commanded him to stop, police said. Andrews "proceeded to aggressively approach fficer A. Mormino and the residents from the initial call, causing officers to be very concerned for the safety of Officer Mormino and the safety of the residents," police said.

As Andrews closed in, still not responding to commands to stop, Mormino used his Taser, police said.

Andrews was taken safely into custody "with the assistance of several Ridgewood Police officers," police said.

A short time later, as officers were speaking with Andrews, he suffered a medical emergency and was taken to Valley Hospital for evaluation and treatment, police saidl

]Andrews was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, lewdness, possession of marijuana under 50 grams, possession of controlled dangerous substance paraphernalia and obstruction of the administration of law. He's been released on $40,000 bail.