200 residents displaced by a massive warehouse fire in North Brunswick may not be able to return home until sometime Sunday.

A view of the North Brunswick warehouse fire rubble taken by a drone (YouTube/North Brunswick Police)

Residents of several surrounding apartments and building managers met with township officials on Friday night, according to Fios 1 New Jersey, and were told that low-level smoke lingering over the immediate area will prevent them from returning home until Sunday at the earliest.  One resident said officials are concerned that a major flare up would mean they would have to be evacuated again.

Homes and yards will also need to be power washed of soot, smoke and dust before they can permanently return.

Residents and building managers who were escorted to their homes to get medicine and other belongings told MyCentralJersey.com they almost got sick from the smells in their apartments. "I left there coughing. I can truly understand why we can't go back," said Wilda Irizarry. "It's so smoky there. For my own health safety and my family's safety, I don't want to go home while it smells like it does now."

While there is no longer any smoke rising from the Livingston Avenue warehouse, firefighters are using heavy machinery to look for hot spots in the rubble.

Since the flames first broke out early Wednesday morning 100 fire companies from 11 counties around the state have responded with fire crews, tanker trucks and equipment. "This is the largest fire this town has ever experienced," Police Director Kenneth McCormick told MyCentralJersey.com." All agencies came together and have been dealing with it. The fact that we've had mutual aid and outside assistance was instrumental in being able to deal with this."

Smoke lingers in the air at the North Brunswick warehouse on Friday night (North Brunswick Police)

Air continues to be monitored by local, state and federal environmental officials, according to a statement from the Township on its website.  "Winds and atmospheric conditions change smoke patterns. Residents are reminded to avoid or reduce exposure by staying indoors or staying out of areas containing smoke fields."

Water pressure, according to the Township, has stabilized but discoloration may still occur.

Roads surrounding the warehouse have been reopened. Livingston Avenue, however, remains closed along with the ramps from Route 1.