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Power crews are already on standby to repair what Mother Nature tears apart.  If there are power outages, the winds will have to die down before crews can attempt repairs.  The commute is going to be a nasty one today with a lot of road flooding possible.  If you want to take mass transit, New Jersey Transit is already cross-honoring bus and rail tickets, but again, the weather is expected to cause delays.

Already there are a smattering of closings and delays as a result of this storm. The latest winter weather alert announcements are updating now at

Having a child in New Jersey continues to get more and more expensive, in fact the average cost of child care for a year in the garden state is now higher than tuition and fees at Rutgers University.

It's amazing how many people are actually willing to admit they're addicted to their cell phones. Most wish it wasn't true, but they just can't help it.

Marie Gemmell had recently moved to Maryland with her three children from brick.  She and her two youngest kids were killed Thursday when a private jet crashed into their home.  A five-year-old had already left for school when the jet fell from the sky.  The plane had been chartered by a pharmaceutical company. Three people aboard the plane were also killed.

We first told you about a missing woman's body being found in the trunk of her car outside a South Jersey motel.  Her family reported her missing.  A Philly man has been charged with hiding her body in maple shade, but has not been charged with her murder. The investigation continues.

A Newark mom is charged after her seven mother old daughter overdosed on morphine.  Police say little Iriannah Seals found the morphine in the home and ate it.  Her 22-year old mother remains jailed this morning while the investigation continues.

The last of New Jersey's five state-sponsored bear hunts gets underway.

On the Bayonne Bridge a guy flipped his infinity G-20, then crawled out of the upsidedown wreck unharmed.  When police got there, he reeked of booze and could barely speak.  He tested at three times the legal limit for DWI.

To counter Jersey's ongoing heroin epidemic, police departments and ems crews across the state are now carrying the opiate-antidote naloxone but in recent weeks the price of the life-saving drug has doubled, sparking concerns and anger.

The U.S. Attorney will not confirm reports that indictments are coming from his office over the Bridgegate scandal.  During a press conference on an unrelated matter, Paul Fishman deflected questions about his investigation into the political payback scandal, saying any press reports are most likely wrong.

If you needed more evidence about how partisan the Bridgegate committee is, you got it yesterday. Republicans and democrats argued for roughly an hour before voting along party lines to publicly release the panel's interim report on its probe into last year's George Washington Bridge lane closures.

U.S. Senators want to know why only a fraction of campus sexual assault victims go to the police. A senate judiciary subcommittee is holding a hearing on the topic Tuesday. It comes after rolling stone magazine published an article describing a gang rape alleged to have occurred at a fraternity house at the university of Virginia, but later backed off the story, acknowledging mistakes in its reporting.

Korean Air Lines is apologizing for inconveniencing passengers in New York after the daughter of its chairman ordered a crew member off a flight. The crew member made the mistake of serving bagged nuts in the first class cabin. Cabin crew are required to ask first class passengers whether they want nuts, partly to avoid serving them to people with allergies. The nuts also should have been served on a plate.

Here is another first for the Garden State.  Census figures show Jersey commuters have the longest average one way commute to work in the nation.

When you're driving on the Parkway, Turnpike or A.C. Expressway you're a captive audience. That's why some lawmakers want to explore revenue generating ideas at rest stops and service areas to help maintain those highways.

Nasa's new Orion spacecraft has returned to dry land in southern California after a test flight that ended with a plunge in the Pacific Ocean. The navy ship the USS Anchorage delivered the capsule to naval base san Diego Monday night. Orion made an unmanned flight Friday that carried it 3,600 miles above earth and then back at speeds of up to 20,000 mph. The spacecraft may one day carry astronauts to mars.

The Taj Mahal casino remains on life support. With three thousand jobs at stake, Atlantic City's mayor says a tax stabilization bill gaining support in Trenton should keep it open past the December 20th deadline to close.

The real estate market is crashing in Atlantic County, now among the highest foreclosure rates in the nation.  A 50-percent spike in property taxes and massive job losses aren't helping.  One realtor says it would take 29-months just to sell all the homes on the market in the area.

The National Park service is looking to hike fees again at sandy hook, much to the dismay of a pair of New Jersey lawmakers.

WEATHER from chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow:

TODAY... Heavy rain through the afternoon. Flooding and gusty winds likely. Highs 38-48

TONIGHT... Light rain and snow. Snow may accumulate in NW NJ. Lows 32-38

TOMORROW... Rain and snow showers continue. An inch or two of wet snow accumulation will be possible. Highs 37-43

To view Dan’s extended 5-day forecast, click HERE.


Pick 3: 7-8-9

Straight pays $231. Box pays $38.50. Pair pays $23.

Pick 4: 8-3-2-6

Straight pays $3,829.50. Box pays $159.50.

Cash 5: 16-23-26-32-34

5 of 5 pays $0. 4 of 5 pays $592. 3 of 5 pays $17.

Pick 6: 02-23-26-32-47-48

There were no top prize winners in Monday night's Pick 6 Lotto drawing, New Jersey Lottery officials said. Five out of six paid $3,924 to 8 winners; four out of six paid $87 to 394 winners; three out of six paid $3 to 9,005 winners.

Thursday's top prize estimate is $7.8 million annuity.

Here are the winning numbers selected Monday in the midday New Jersey State Lottery drawing:

Pick 3: 5-3-8

Straight pays $283. Box pays $47, Pair pays $28.

Pick 4: 2-1-1-6

Straight pays $1,203.50. Box pays $100.

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