A New Jersey man who worked for a Pennsylvania company for 10 years without getting a single raise has been charged with theft and receiving stolen property. Robert Kitson worked most of that time as a dispatcher for truckers at Reber Transportation. Authorities say about seven years ago he started removing an average of $135 per week from petty cash and making up expenses to reimburse himself.

Company brass finally caught on after discovering toll charges that didn't match up with receipts. According to court documents, Kitson "felt as if he was owed the money by working there that long and receiving no raise." The obvious answer is you look for new work. You never resort to stealing. But I wonder with the downturn in the economy a few years ago and so many people having hit hard times if there's a bit of sympathy for the guy. I personally would throw the book at him despite the cheapskate bosses. Would you?