Cash customers forced into the EZ Pass lanes after Monday's fatal truck fire on Interstate 78 just over the toll bridge will not be fined for non-payment of tolls.

Rescue and clean up crews tend to a tractor trailer fire on I-78 westbound just beyond the toll plaza in Pennsylvania (The Morning Call)

A tractor trailer rear ended a vehicle in a toll lane, pushing the car 200 feet past the toll plaza where it wound up against an embankment and burst into flames killing the driver, 55-year-old Daniel C. Murphy of Hacketsttown.

When the highway was reopened after eight hours traffic was directed to use all lanes for a better traffic flow. "They did divert into the express E-ZPass entry, but no violations were recorded for that period," Delaware River Joint Bride Toll Commission spokesman Ethan Vickers told NBC 10. She noted that "65-percent of the traffic at that particular crossing uses the Express E-ZPass entry"

Following the accident, one toll lane remains closed to cash paying customers while repairs are assessed, according to a DRJTBC press release, which could cause delays. during high traffic hours.

The westbound road was closed for nearly eight hours with traffic forced onto Route 22 in New Jerseyat exit #3. Traffic was back to #12 at Perrysville Road before the road was reopened.