Could you imagine a campaign to promote Jersey tourism without our beloved Governor appearing?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m sure many of you have had it up to here with seeing the Governor’s face on TV ads promoting Jersey tourism this summer.

As it was, last year’s campaign was somewhat controversial in that it came during his reelection campaign; and the firm that won the bid came in around 2 million more than the lowest bidding ad firm.

Still – ‘controversy’ and all – does the Governor make a better spokesperson for Jersey tourism than the average pitch person? He seems to think so, despite some of the recently released numbers showing tourism down last year in Atlantic and Ocean Counties.

According to this from

A “modest broadcast media campaign” will be launched in April, using $1.3 million left from last year’s campaign, said Virginia Pellerin, a spokeswoman for the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, which is managing the contract.

While the total budget is still in flux, Pellerin said the state would also use $5 million in U.S. Housing and Urban Development dollars for more TV and radio ads, pending federal approval.


Given the Governor’s recent poll numbers suggesting he’s ‘not trustworthy’ – do you really think his ability to pitch coming here for some much needed r and r would go over well?

Better he be left out of the equation this year.