During the hour that NJSPBA President Patrick Colligan was kind enough to sit in with me on Friday, we discussed a very controversial firing recently in New Jersey.

The Somerset County Prosecutor, Geoffrey Soriano, was recently fired from his job by Governor Chris Christie and replaced by Michael Robertson. As I discussed on the show, over 300 NJ politicos signed a letter with their displeasure over the decision in the John Sheridan case.

Mark Sheridan, the son of John and Joyce Sheridan has been extremely vocal in criticizing Soriano for the way he handled the deaths of his parents.

So I asked NJSPBA President Colligan about the decision to relieve Soriano of his duties and Colligan agreed with me. "Absolutely not. Within 24 hours it reeks of New Jersey politics, really at it's worst. It's really a disgrace that someone can be taken out like that," Colligan stated.

Listen to the entire segment on the Soriano firing in the YouTube clip above.

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