Troopers from the New Jersey State Police will be joining Monmouth County and Asbury Park law enforcement officials to help quell violent crime in the area.

Flickr user: conner395

The officers are part of a tactical patrol unit that will act as a supplemental force for the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office, Monmouth County Sheriff's Office, and the Asbury Park Police Department, all of whom are part of a joint violent crime-fighting initiative.

"The state police has offered us additional assistance," said Michael Pasterchick, chief of detectives with the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office, "and they are going to send out tactical (officers) to work and assist us in the city."

Pasterchick said the troopers would be utilized based on the needs of the county and city, noting they have law enforcement coordination meetings every six weeks. He said while forces would be placed in high crime areas in Asbury Park and even Neptune, there is no set schedule or routine they would follow.

"We're certainly not going to forecast what days we're going to be down there and what times we're going to be down there," said Pasterchick. "We're going to keep the element of surprise in our favor."

The troopers that will be used for the initiative are part of a tactical patrol that assists other police forces throughout the state. They have been utilized in Trenton and Camden.

"They're well versed in these types of deployments and that is what they do," said Pasterchick, adding all involved parties welcomed the support.

Since launching the initiative targeting violent crime in August, law enforcement has made 200 arrests and seized 15 guns.