Every generation of 20somethings making their way into the world has had to bear the criticism of the previous generations. But this crop we know as "millennials" seems to be a special breed.

First off, they have their own brand: "millennials." Secondly, they are probably the first generation in the history of mankind to have to show older people how stuff works.

That "stuff" is the technology of the Internet age. By doing so they feel like the teachers and therefore think they're in charge or in control. Some of the information is useful and sometimes meaningful, but for the most part it's inconsequential and trivial.

The real "stuff" is what a life is made of: Struggling to find your purpose in life, figuring out how to make an honest living, buying your first house, getting married, paying a mortgage and bills, moving, having babies, raising children, losing parents, losing close friends and family, going through divorce, losing a job, changing careers, finding real love and yes even fixing something instead of calling someone.

This definitely seems to be difficult for young people living in New Jersey, as many of them take the easy way out and move to a different state.

So I sometimes look at millennials that are full of themselves and think, "poor thing, they don't know what they don't know!" Most of the ones I know and I know plenty, are hard working and good humans, if just a bit too self obsessed and somewhat spoiled (but that's our fault.)

I have high hopes for our future with these "millennials" once they get to learn the "real stuff!" Fight the good fight in New Jersey, and your future will be bright. Enjoy the song!

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