As usual, we review yesterday's high temperatures.  They reached 71 in Atlantic City to 74 at Newark Liberty Airport, which was relatively close to the 72 that is normal for this time of the year now.

Temperatures today will be in the low to middle 70s with lots of sunshine.  There will be a brisk wind near the ocean, so it will be much cooler near the 60s along the beach and boardwalk this afternoon.

Some clear skies tonight with some lows back in the 40s, but low and middle 50s in urban and coastal areas.

Sunshine and some high clouds on Saturday with temperatures from 75 to perhaps 80, but much cooler again tomorrow near the ocean.

Now, a disturbance we've been tracking for many days is going to be forming off the Mid-Atlantic coast and will be spinning some clouds and spotty light rain back toward New Jersey by Sunday.  So, we are going for becoming partly to mostly cloudy during the course of Sunday with the chance of some spotty light rain, mainly along the south coast.  Sunday's highs mainly in the 70s, but cooler near the ocean.

There may be a better chance of some showers for the early part of next week.