New Jersey's narcotics units and prosecutors' offices have a serious shortage of undercover vehicles.

While this may be great news for speeders and those driving without a license or in uninsured and unregistered cars, it's a problem for law enforcement agencies in the Garden State. One lawmaker plans to introduce legislation to give you an incentive to donate your used car.

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick says he will introduce a bill that will make car donations to law enforcement agencies tax deductible contributions.

"Undercover officers need a variety of vehicles to do their job. This bill will give citizens a tax credit for stepping up to keep our cops and detectives well-equipped while they work to protect our communities," says Bramnick. "Encouraging people to donate their cars to undercover officers will make our towns safer without adding costs to taxpayers."

Bramnick says he began working on his proposal after a discussion with law enforcement officers, who expressed their need for additional vehicles to conduct undercover investigations.

"The only downside of course is when you get pulled over by your own vehicle that you donated," explains Bramnick. "That's a problem and also, you're not going to be able to recognize those under cover cars. They're not going to look like all Ford LTDs so, there's the downside."

He knows it would never fly, but Bramnick says if he could he would write an exemption into his bill that says you can't get a ticket if you get pulled over in a car you donated.

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