3,027  people voluntarily turned themselves in at New Jersey's fourth and final Fugitive Safe Surrender this week in Atlantic City.

Data from the New Jersey Attorney General's Office shows the most people surrendered from Atlantic County (1,089) followed by Essex and Cumberland (each at 241), Mercer ( 137), Union (128) and Camden (127).     137 people turned themselves in from out of state.

A total of 13,276 individuals have turned themselves in at the state’s four Fugitive Safe Surrender events, ranking New Jersey top in the nation for the most people that surrendered.

Additonal Numbers:

With more than 13,200 surrenders, New Jersey now ranks number one for total numbers in the United States.

More than $60,000 was collected during the four-day event (including $45,560 in municipal income, $12,970 in Superior Court/Child Support income, and $2,031 in Superior Court/Probation income). 

Each person who voluntarily surrenders represents an estimated savings of $420 to local governments.

Of the 3,027 individuals who turned themselves in at Fugitive Safe Surrender-South Jersey:

An estimated 73 percent had at least one warrant arising from municipal courts (including disorderly persons offenses, municipal ordinance violations or traffic violations)

An estimated 15 percent had at least one Superior Court warrant (including criminal matters, or family court matters/child support)

An estimated 12 percent had no warrants.

About 15 people were taken into custody. These individuals were wanted for violent crimes, had a history of violent crime, or had warrants from other states whose authorities demanded extradition.