Isidore Heath Campbell, the notorious Hunterdon County father who named one of his children Adolf Hitler, surrendered to police after going on the run over a domestic violence incident

Holland Township police said Campbell was arrested by Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, police on Thursday and will be extricated to New Jersey to an aggravated assault charge.

Holland Police Chief John Harris told New Jersey 101.5 in October that the charge was related to a domestic violence incident. Harris said he advised Campbell a warrant was to be issued — and got no response.

Campbell gained notoriety in 2008 when he tried to order a cake from a ShopRite and have the store's bakery write his then-3-year-old son's name, Adolf Hitler Campbell.

The store refused and a Walmart in Pennsylvania wound up making the cake instead.

In 2013, Campbell dressed as a Nazi to visit the state Division of Youth and Family Services office in Trenton to demand a visit with his son, who had been removed from his home after allegations of violence in the home.

The state also removed his other children — named Eva Braun and JoyceLynn Aryan Nation — because of alleged abuse, which the parents denied, reported.

The New York Daily News reports that recent calls to Campbell's home were answered with a recording that said "Heil Hilter."

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