We've got to wonder: Was New Jersey's biggest Powerball winner in the market for a home lately? If so, he or she just missed out on a stunning bit of property in Mendham Township.

No one in New Jersey won the big Powerball prize in January — though plenty of people took home smaller awards we wouldn't mind having. Among them was one $2 million winner.

With that, the winner could have almost purchased this home at 24 Old Orchard Road. Well, OK, he or she might have still needed a loan — the home went for $2.1 million in August, and after taxes $2 million isn't quite $2 million anymore. But still — the winner could have gotten close.

A listing on Zillow doesn't say much — just that it's an "award0winning classic modern design to heighten outdoor living" And that the home was "beautifully renovated and expanded 2008-12 by Brandes Maselli Architects. (it features) three bright living levels, (a) pool, pool house and guest cottage."

But in the pictures of this five-bedroom, five-bath home, built in 1975 and last sold in 2002 for just $875,000, we see some gorgeous and creative architectural flourishes. "Modern classic" certainly fits the bill. There's wood, high ceilings and tons of natural light throughout. A brick-wall bathroom. Covered outdoor sitting areas. Several, large open rooms to relax to relax. A dedicated playroom (at least, that's how the last owners seemed to use it). Attention to detail throughout the design.

The home is 2,649 square feet and sits on 2.25 acres.

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