I have long contended that our politicians in Trenton are worse than the Mafia. What they do to us in squeezing us for our own hard earned money every week, every year is shameful, AND it's legal!

Now that we have allowed our government to get so big and powerful and get in bed with corporations, it's nearly impossible to afford to live here. That's if you work for a living and are middle class.

The bigger criminals, thanks to our government and its donors, are THE INSURANCE COMPANIES!

Six or seven years ago we had a decent insurance plan at work. Premiums and deductibles were reasonable and coverage was pretty good. Then enter the government and Obamacare, and things changed for the worse. Especially if you work and make a fairly decent living.

It's all designed to redistribute wealth and "even the playing field" no matter who it hurts and how unfair it is. I use my insurance as little as possible. I go to the doctor as infrequently as absolutely possible, almost never.

Last year, after a decade of putting it off, I decided to get a colonoscopy. After hearing about a test you could perform at home and avoid the lengthy procedure. I consulted with my doctor who said my insurance covered it and he ordered the test. Results came back negative and the doctor gave me the all clear. Great, right?

Well, fast forward 13 months and I get a bill from the testing company demanding $649. after being turned down for payment by my insurance company.  I call my insurance company who said the test is covered so....but wait. They checked the date of my test and at that time it was considered "experimental" and not covered.

It became a covered test, three weeks after I took it. I said, "then let's appeal it." After putting me on hold for ten minutes, she came back on the line and said, "yeah...um you have 12 months to appeal and it's past that time now so, you're f---ed."

Do you think they waited the full 12 months before I got a bill to let me know they weren't going to cover it? Your G-- damn right they did it on purpose. I was polite to the woman on the phone and decided to plead my case with the testing company. I feel badly for the people on the phone and on the front lines of these insurance companies. I'm sure they get screamed at every day by their customers who get jerked around by a rigged system.

Rigged by the government they're in bed with and they extremely over paid executives in the insurance industry.  A hand full of them make millions while their employees have to deal with the mess they make of people's lives through insurance nonsense every day.

I don't know what the answer is, outside of a more open market competitive system and less government interference. I do know that I have as much contempt for insurance executives and the sleazy deals they make with the sleazy politicians they're in bed with. A pox on both their houses!

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