Stacey Proebstle wrote a wonderful article today on the efforts of Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle of Bergen County to upgrade the existing anti bullying legislation here in New Jersey.

Changes such as hiring anti bullying specialists in schools….so that possibly each school or district can now have at its avail a “Doctor Phil”.

Do you feel we need this?

According to the article, the timing off the changes is crucial because the current law could be voided by the end of March.

Pray that time runs out.

Back in January, the law was ruled unconstitutional because it’s an unfunded mandate on school districts.

But now imagine if the assemblywoman gets her way. She’s saying that new funding would be made available for training and to hire personnel.

What bag of money is going to fall on our heads to fund this…one wonders?

As my grandmother would say, “capa frescchia” (clear head with nothing else to worry about.)

As as we’ve pointed out on many an occasion…no one accurately reads the New Jersey State Constitution.

She says that language would be added saying that combating bullying is part of the state’s constitutional requirement to provide a thorough and efficient education.

I call BS….again they misread the constitution.

It’s supposed to be a thorough and efficient SYSTEM of education.

Which I believe is already in place.

The final change would be a new commission that would provide guidance to schools as they work to implement the law.

Again, where is the money for all of this supposed to come?

Huttle said she hopes the Legislature will approve the changes before March 27th, when the present law goes would be voided.

Do us all a favor.

Call your legislators and tell them how this new anti bullying mandate will further drive us out of the state by increasing our property taxes exponentially.

Especially you, if you have your house paid off but can’t afford to live in it anymore because of rising property taxes.

And the Dems say that property taxes are the ones that have to be adjusted.

So again,

Do we need to upgrade or scrap NJ’s Anti Bullying Law?