I've said many times on the show that I love living in New Jersey and that  I'm "diggin' in."  I spend a lot of time on air trying to convince listeners that no matter how tough things get, that more NJ residents need to dig in with me.  Today, instead of convincing people not to leave, I had the opportunity to recruit others to come live here!

Jerry called in and said that he works in Hillsborough but still lives in Staten Island. Jerry asked me point blank: "What's the advantage to moving to New Jersey?"  With a question like that, where do I even begin?

Here are some of the reasons I gave Jerry to become a resident of the Garden State.

The fabric of this state is spread across 565 municipalities. Each one has their own uniqueness and their own culture.  Whether you decide to live in north, central or south Jersey, there is something for everyone.

In terms of accessibility, I don't know any other state that is so convenient to other states. Whether you want to go to New York City, Philadelphia, ski resorts in the Poconos or summer beaches, you have access to it all.

For someone like Jerry, who has a young child at home, you have to think about schools. NJ has some of the best schools in the country.  You have some of the top-rated schools to choose from.

It's probably very rare that you would drive from out of state to come to New Jersey for fresh produce. But if you live in NJ, you have so many farms and roadside produce stands to choose from. There are plenty of places along the shore to get some great fish as well.

Pound for pound, the benefit that you get from living in NJ, is arguably better than anywhere else in the country.

If someone asked you as to why they should move to NJ what would you tell them? What would be your sales pitch? What do you love most about living here?

Listen to my full sales pitch to Jerry in the YouTube clip above.

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