It is that time of year again, the time of year that many football fans get excited for even before the season begins, it is fantasy football time. Fantasy football for those that may not be aware, is where teams build a roster of pro NFL players and compete against others on a weekly basis. You accrue points based on how those players you draft do on the field. Statistics are based on categories such as rushing, passing, receiving, field goals and defense.

Last night NJ1015 held their fantasy football draft and as always there was a lot of fun and a little controversy. Personalities that participated in last night's festivities included such names as our Brand Manager Eric Johnson, News Director Eric Scott (also our gracious host), Bill Doyle, Ray 'The Prize Guy", Production Director and on air personality Chris Knight, News Anchors Matt White and Dave Polaski, Deminski & Doyle Producer Joe Votruba and Promotions Coordinator Dan "Pinky" Specht, among others.

Fantasy football gets bashed a lot by those who don't partake as being "Dungeons & Dragons for the sports fan" but if any of those naysayers would have been attendance last night, they may have changed their minds as it was definitely not for the faint of heart.

The picks were intense and the trash talking was heated. A few owners were ridiculed for their picks here and there and then there were others who were ripped for taking too long. One owner, who couldn't make the draft, was actually given a compensatory pick of Jets backup qb Tim Tebow because he took too long to figure out who he wanted. Apparently he wasn't very happy with us for doing that as he took to Facebook soon there after and posted this as his status update:


Again, the NJ1015 fantasy football league is not for the weak of heart.

But it wasn't all combative as there was plenty of laughs and some great food as well provided by our friends at Houlihan's on Rt. 1 in the Mercer Mall in Princeton.


Here are some of the other photos from last night's draft:


Chris Knight, Joe V and Pinky enjoying the draft.


News Director Eric Scott and his GM Matt White going over their next pick.



And here is Ray 'The Prize Guy" trying to figure out if there are any serviceable running backs still left for him to take.


Do you play fantasy football? What are some of your favorite draft day memories?