New Jersey is the proud host to Super Bowl 48 at Metlife Stadium.

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Even if New Jersey may not have the Giants or Jets representing the state in the  game, as the host city, you can still be excited for the game being right in our backyard for the first time ever.

Plenty of football experts have been making their week-long predictions as to why they think will win the game. Even Governor Christie came out earlier this week and gave his prediction. So far be it from the staff at New Jersey's biggest radio station to not make their Super Bowl picks as well.

Here are the NJ101.5 staff picks:

Jim Gearhart -

Pick: Seattle Seahawks Final Score: 28-22

Justin Hare of the Jim Gearhart Show -

Pick: Seattle Seahawks Final Score: 24-20

Matt White -First News

Pick: Broncos - Final Score: 24-20

Jill Myra - NJ Traffic South

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Dennis Malloy -

My prediction for the Super Bowl is Denver over Seattle 24 -16. The only persons I know in the game is Peyton Manning, (I like his commercials and he was very funny on SNL a couple of years ago as a guest host) and Pete Hernandez a.k.a. Bruno Mars. I know there's some angry guy on the other team, but I forget his name. (Richard Sherman)  But speaking of sports, Dennis Rodman came out Friday and said he would trade places with Kenneth Bae, the American held captive in North Korea. If I were the President, that's a trade I would make in a heart beat. I'd even throw in a bag of basketballs!

Judi Franco -

Wait, who did Dennis pick? Denver Broncos? Ok, Seattle it is! Seattle wins.. Don't ask me for a score, not happenin'!

Jeff Deminski -

In a well matched Super Bowl it's going to be Broncos over Seahawks 24-21 and will come down to the last 3 minutes.

Bill Doyle -

Final score:  Denver 32 Seattle 16; Manning throws for 308 yards and 3 TDs, Moreno rushes for a TD; Wilson sacked 4 times.

Producer Joe Votruba of the D&D Show -

Seahawks over Broncos 31-30, game winning FG as time is running out

Steve Trevelise -

I'm picking Denver because they have key guys like Peyton, Welker and Coach Fox who have been there before. This is why Peyton came to Denver and if he really is the best, then he needs to beat the best. Seattle's defense is the best. Final score 27-17

"Jersey Guy" Ray Rossi -

I'm going 31-21 Seahawks.  I just don't want to see Peyton win in brother Eli's building.  Am I being a little bitter?  Who cares!

Big Joe Henry -

Denver Broncos Final Score: 35-28

Amy Wright -

Denver Broncos - Final Score: 24 -21

Ray "The Prize Guy" -

Final Score: Denver 24-21

Dan Specht -

Broncos Final Score: 24-17

Kevin Williams -

Broncos Final Score: 30-23

Dan Alexander -

Broncos Final Score: 20 -17

Double Down -

Broncos  Final Score: Broncos 35-23. Peyton Manning wins MVP award and rides off into the sunset as he announces he will retire and go out on top.

Let's hear your Super Bowl predictions in the comment section below.