Thank You, Thank You, Thank you, New Jersey!

Setting up the table of thank you goodies! (Craig Allen photo).

For your generous gifts, gift cards, and cash donations this afternoon to our New Jersey 101.5 Family Adoption Program!

All the information you need is right here! (Craig Allen photo).

On air, we have been asking you, if you can, to please help the less fortunate...families in domestic abuse, and transitional housing shelters, throughout New Jersey.

You can help a featured family, or make a "universal" gift donation! (Craig Allen photo).

And, once again, you are responding, New Jersey!

Feel the "Frozen" joy! (Craig Allen photo).

As in past years, it was a joy to spend a portion of the afternoon with "Ray The Prize Guy" and the "Jersey Prize Team," at Bridgewater Commons Mall!

The Prize Team will be there til 4:00

Thank YOU for your generous cash donations, as well! (Craig Allen photo).

...tomorrow (Sunday), thee Prize Team will be at the Ocean County Mall from 1 til 4pm!

Ray The Prize Guy "working the crowd!" (Craig Allen photo).

Please bring your wrapped gifts, or universal gift cards...

Or, please drop off your gift donation at any Access Self Storage location throughout New Jersey!

To find out more about the families in need, and to get a list of Access Self Storage locations, click on "Family Adoption" at the top of the home page.

Or, click HERE!

Thanks for helping Family M-19! (Craig Allen photo).

As New Jersey residents, we have a...certain reputation outside of the state...but, we know better! New Jersey has a big heart!

With the Prize Team: Ray the Prize Guy, Craig Allen, Mike, Mike Hildebrandt, Michaela and Priscilla. (Prize Team photo).

Thank you, again, for your support for the New Jersey 101.5 Family Adoption Program!