We had fun ("BIG fun") at the Hillsborough Rotary Fair on Friday night...if you weren't able to join us...you still have time!

Get to the Fair...TONIGHT...or Sunday afternoon! (Craig Allen photo).

The Hillsborough Rotary Fair has been running for the last few nights, by the Lowe's, on Route 206 in Hillsborough Township (Somerset County).

Welcome to the FUN! (Craig Allen photo).

Both "Ray The Prize Guy" and I live in Hillsborough...and it has become a tradition that I join Ray, and the "Jersey Prize Team," at the Fair on Friday night!

Priscilla and Ryan are "manning" the Big Yellow Tent, as I arrive (Craig Allen photo).

As I arrive, just past 7pm, Ray is working the crowd...

"That's the TV theme for..." (Craig Allen photo).

Trust me...I can hear him across several parking lots, long before I enter the Midway...

Nice try...but this is not the answer to Ray's Trivia Question! (Craig Allen photo).

The Jersey Prize Team is loaded down with goodies to give away: NJ Scratch Off Lottery tickets, Somerset Patriots Baseball  tickets, movie dvds, books, and more!

Lets check out a few rides, as the sun goes down, and Ray plays on...

This one takes you upside down... (Craig Allen photo).

Got Dramamine?!

Upside down..round and round..side to side... (Craig Allen photo).

Maybe this is more YOUR "speed?"

How's 'bout a "kiddie ride?" (Craig Allen photo).

Truly...fun for all ages!

The Ferris Wheel looks GREAT at night! (Craig Allen photo).

Did I mention that there is LOTS of DELICIOUS food to choose from?

Along with pizza...

YUMMY! (Craig Allen photo).

YOU can guess what I am partial to!

And, the lemonade stand was doing a brisk business!

Heading back to the "Big Yellow Tent!" (Craig Allen photo).

As you can see, "The Prize Guy" is playing cards!

"The next card is...higher or lower?" (Craig Allen photo).

And with New Jersey 101.5...there is WINNING...for all ages!

This movie is all yours...ENJOY! (Craig Allen photo).

Sadly, all good things must come to an end...

Hanging with the "Jersey Prize Team!" (Prize Team Photo).

ABOVE: The World Famous Jones Sisters, Ray The Prize Guy, Craig Allen, Priscilla, and Ryan. Thanks for the photo op!

I had a GREAT time hanging out with the Jersey Prize Team, as always!

Thanks to all who came out for a night of fun, to benefit the Hillsborough Rotary!

And, thanks for stopping by, playing games, and saying "HI" to all of US from New Jersey 101.5!