Feeling down about work? You're not alone. According to a new worldwide study, workers attitudes are bleak.

The consulting firm RogenSi has been surveying workers all over the world for the past three years about their attitudes toward work. Their findings, based on 1,200 workers worldwide, are less than enthusiastic, and here in New Jersey, residents agree.

"I've worked a lot of odd jobs over the years and the inability to pay my bills, just surviving paycheck to paycheck is tough, I mean this state is very expensive" said Jason from Toms River.

He's not even out of school yet and already he's worried about the job market.

"I know in my field I should be okay, but it's not getting any better. I think I am taking an active step in making it easier to survive here."

Even those who are lucky to secure a job in this economic climate, are not hopeful they will keep it.

"My last job I was only there for four months and its just really hard to get a job these days" said Shonte from Brick.

Still, she's content with what she's got.

"I feel happy to have a job since a lot of people are unemployed and I feel lucky to be getting a paycheck."

That could be because most workers don't feel very inspired by their bosses. The survey found only 14 percent who said their leaders were inspirational.

With unemployment in New Jersey still hovering at 9.5 percent, many don't think there will be a quick fix anytime soon.

"I just don't see it," said Diane from Barnegat. "Young people are having the hardest time getting a job in this state, I'm not optimistic."