Ed Forchion, otherwise known as NJ Weedman, called into my show the other night, soon after video surfaced of him lighting up and smoking marijuana in a Trenton city council meeting.

Forchion lit up in support of Councilwoman Marge Caldwell-Wilson's motion to vote on a resolution that would legalize marijuana in the state. Council members refused to vote on the resolution and remained silent. That prompted Forchion to light up in the meeting.

It baffled me that Weedman could light up and smoke marijuana at a Trenton council meeting and face no recourse other than he and his group were escorted out of the building.  When I asked "Weedman" why he thought he got away with pulling off such a bold move like that, he responded "Well, I don't know, I've been around a little while, who knows. Maybe that he thought that by kicking us out, we wouldn't end up on the front page of the newspapers but I think that's going to happen anyway tomorrow."

Catch the entire interview with NJ Weedman in the YouTube clip above.