Jim was discussing a letter he received yesterday from a local NJ veteran named Brian Christy. Since discussing Brian's letter on air, we have a received a ton of email and calls about the letter.

Markus Leiminger, Getty Images

Brian is currently living in very tough conditions in a trailer that, due to the poor conditions are affecting the health of not only himself but his service dog.

You can view the letter Brian Christy wrote to Jim and NJ01.5 below.

Jim Gearhart/NJ1015



Brian called in to Jim's show this morning  {2/28)t o thank Jim for airing his story and the Popcorn Park Zoo for donating a bunch of items for Brian's service dog Abby. The problem Brian is having is that he is getting a lot of much appreciated support but there really haven't been any leads to help him better his situation.

You can listen to the interview with Brian explaining his current situation to Jim in the audio player below.

If you can help Brian, reach out to our producer, Diana Gebbia at 1-800-283-1015 or email diana.gebbia@townsquaremedia.com