Dashboard camera recording after New Jersey State Police Sfc. Michael Roadside allegedly crashed his patrol vehicle into another car while drunk (partial recording)

The on-duty New Jersey State Trooper who drunkenly rear-ended another driver at a Garden State Parkway rest stop — before allegedly offering her $1,000 not to report the incident, talking to her while covered in vomit — has pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated, NJ.com reports.

According to the report, additional charges of careless driving and having an open container of alcohol were dismissed as Sgt. First Class Michael Roadside, a 29-year veteran of the force, admitted having about nine beers before getting into his patrol car in October.

His attorney said Roadside was admitted to an in-patient treatment facility for alcohol abuse the day of the crash, and had since enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous. The attorney also said Roadside was a cancer patient who had recently undergone surgery and had suffered a medical setback the day before the accident, the report says.

According to the report, Judge Joseph Defino said the trooper had been involved in a "series" of on-duty accidents but had relatively few violations.

Roadside is not slated to serve any jail time.

Cop denied being drunk as woman felt threatened

New Jersey 101.5 recently obtained dashboard camera recordings from the two vehicles responding after Kimberly Wilson called 911 from the Monmouth Rest Area along the Garden State Parkway.

She reported a trooper later identified as Roadside was so sloppy-drunk when he crashed into her at the rest stop that he had vomit on his inside-out shirt, that he dropped his magazine and a Budd Light cap while trying to show her his weapon, and that his belly was hanging out.

New Jersey 101.5 has also obtained a recording of Wilson's 911 call and the associated police dispatcher communications, in which she says Roadside "begged me not to call the police" and offered $1,000 for the damage if she wouldn't, before returning to his car to suck on a lollipop while she dialed 911 for help.

She told dispatchers she feared for her life.

The 911 call can be heard below:

As seen in the dashboard camera recordings, the first thing Roadside told another state trooper arriving on the scene: "I'm not drunk."

Another recording provided by State Police in response to New Jersey 101.5's record request could not be shown here because it was provided in a proprietary format that can not be converted for use in other players with conventional software.

But in that video, Roadside can be seen in the back of another trooper's car after he's removed from his own. When Sgt. M. J. Durak ask Roadside to stay seated, but offers to get his license and documentation from Roadside's patrol vehicle, the inebriated trooper answers: "You're going to go through all of the car? ... Where are we going with this?"

According to a Drinking Driving Report filed by police, police later found two open beers in Roadside's patrol vehicle.

Police say his blood alcohol content level registered at .16 percent — twice the legal limit. According to the police report, when he was told that, he answered, "I've been way more drunk than that."

State Police said in October Roadside had been working a supplemental detail at a construction site at the time of his arrest.

According to the state Motor Vehicle Commission, Roadside’s driving record shows a 1981 violation for careless driving, a 1982 violation for speeding, and a 1983 violation for disregard of a stop sign. All of those were before he joined the State Police in 1988. No violations are on record for the time since.

The record would only reflect violations that resulted in a guilty plea or finding,

Dashboard camera recording after New Jersey State Police Sfc. Michael Roadside allegedly crashed his patrol vehicle into another car while drunk (full recording)