Assembly Budget Committee chairman, Vinnie Prieto invited State Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff to testify before his committee today to let the members get a clue about the expected impact of the Federal Super-Storm Sandy Relief Package. Sidamon-Eristoff was a no-show and because this isn’t the first time he’s snubbed Prieto and the panel, the chairman thinks it’s time his committee had subpoena power.

Treasurer Andrew P. Sidamon-Eristoff (NJ Dept. of the Treasury)

Prieto says, “The Treasurer’s failure to appear today to discuss concerns about the administration’s usage of Sandy relief funding is an absolute insult to the people of New Jersey. The taxpayers deserve answers to the many questions about whether this money is being spent properly with firms such as AshBritt, but instead they get political gamesmanship. That is unacceptable.”

This is the fourth time the Treasurer has refused to testify before the Assembly Budget Committee according to Prieto.

He says he’s lost patience and will begin drafting a resolution that would give his panel the authority to subpoena Sidamon-Eristoff to force him to testify. Prieto says the Treasurer’s latest no-show has left him no choice.