It’s always been a heated topic anytime you bring up the subject of taking your eyes off the road while doing something else.

And when you’re driving a bus, well, then it becomes that much more serious.
Take for example the driver of a NJ Transit bus who, while driving in traffic into the Lincoln Tunnel, was pleasuring himself while one of the passengers took a video of the act.

While this next instance was less egregious, still, it goes to the question as to whether it’s ever ok to do something else behind the wheel besides drive.

And would you fire the driver in this instance.

The instance was broadcast on CBS2 in New York where a NJ Transit bus driver was seen reading a pamphlet while cruising in traffic; and then picking up a book to read.

As you’d expect, the incident was caught on camera by one of his passengers, and reported to officials.


“First, he took out a pamphlet, and he’s reading a pamphlet. And it looked like it was vacation pamphlet, maybe planning a trip – I’m like, ‘OK, it’s summer. This may be quick.’ He put it down,” said the commuter, who did not want to be identified. “Next thing, the driver takes out a hardcover book from off the dash.”
The rider said it went on for 10 minutes.


“The bus was moving slowly. We were in some heavy traffic,” the woman said. “Once the traffic cleared up and we were able to move, accelerate, we were going a little faster, he did put the book down.”


Afterward the passenger mused that she wished she’d confronted the driver. But decided that it would be enough just to report him to NJ Transit officials who said they’ll conduct an investigation and take “swift and appropriate action” upon completion.

Once you’re engaged in the act of driving – whether rolling slowly in traffic or stopped at a red light – you should be paying attention to what’s going on around you at all times.

There’s no question about it.

And as for the driver, the “swift and appropriate action” would best be accomplished by extending his vacation indefinitely.