NJ Transit is investigating why one of its bus drivers refused to allow a decorated veteran and his service dog onto his bus.

Daniel Wright (ABC 7)

Daniel Wright, a Purple Heart recipient, tells ABC 7 that he and his pit bull Tank were denied a ride on a bus along Route 1 by the driver who closed the door on them and said he didn't care because dogs are not allowed to ride on buses.

Tank is clearly marked as a service dog with a vest and tag and is a "daily need" for Wright, who suffers from PTSD from his 11 years and four tours of duty with the Marines and Army. "There were times I couldn't even sleep with my wife because I was acting out in my sleep," he told ABC 7. "That's actually why I have Tank. He wakes me up during night terrors, finding my medicine, he can go get my medicine."

NJ Transit says they are investigating the complaint he filed.

"Service animals are permitted on board all of our modes: bus, rail, light rail, and Access Link, and we take our responsibility to comply with the Americans with Disabilities act very seriously," said the transit agency in a statement.