Roxbury Township residents are dealing with a stinky landfill problem that's now making many of them sick.

Since Thanksgiving of 2012, hydrogen sulfide, which smells disgusting and is toxic, has been wafting out of the Fenimore Landfill.

"Residents have nausea, they have headaches, they have had nosebleeds. People's quality of life has been affected on a daily basis. If you can imagine a kid not being able to go outside because it smells outside - that's a problem," says the President of the Roxbury Environmental Action Coalition, Bob Schultz.

In addition, he points out a major economic byproduct of the smell.

"The businesses are being affected here because people don't want to come into town and smell this. There are a lot of houses for sale in Roxbury - those houses are taking longer to sell, especially the ones within two miles of the landfill, and they're getting less money for those houses."

Schultz said at the end of June, the DEP took over the site, and they're now installing industrial strength equipment to try to mitigate the gas, but "what we want them to do is truck out the material to a landfill in Warren County that already has the scrubbing equipment in place."

The DEP insists that would be too expensive.

An agency spokesman says they're hopeful the treatment unit and scrubber will remove the odors everyone is complaining about.

"We are optimistic the situation will be resolved as soon as possible."