Is this high heat in New Jersey unusual for the month of June? An expert calls it rare, but it has happened before.

Rutgers' weather score keeper Dave Robinson says there have been 45 June heatwaves on record. The two longest were each nine days, and go way back to 1921 and 1923. Overall for the summer in New Jersey, the two longest heatwaves ran from July 24th to to August 4th, 1999 at 12 days, and August 25th to September 4th 1953 at 11 days.

A heat wave is defined as three consecutive days of 90 or above.

He says, "Generally, we don't get this kind of summer heat until we get into July and August."

That said, Robinson adds the 90-plus temps New Jersey has been sweating through for the past few days is still unusual for June. The good news, according to Robinson, is that it will be roughly on a three-day time range, and then it's going to get on the average to next week probably perhaps a little bit below average again.

Down at the Airport in Atlantic City, not on the beach, Robinson says it has only hit 100 three times in June in the last 60 years.

It must also be pointed out here that the past few days notwithstanding, June has been a relatively cool month. Robinson says this has been our first real heat since Memorial Day.