Dennis and Judi were discussing the case of Nicole McDonough, who was indicted on 3 counts of official misconduct via alleged improper relationships.

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McDonough allegedly has sex with one student and explicit communication with all three. All 3 were at least 18-yearrs-old.  Because all 3 were 18, McDonough will not be charged with a sex crime.

While she should be reprimanded by the Mendham school district, Dennis and Judi couldn't understand why she is being indicted. Was it a poor judgement? Yes. Is something she needs to go to jail for? Absolutely not.

A bunch of callers during the hour disagreed with Dennis and Judi though, saying that in McDonough's position, she should be smarter than that and she deserved punishment because it was more than one instance.

Dennis and Judi want your opinion. Do you think Nicole McDonough needs jail time for this?