Eliminating huge end-of-career payouts to public employees for their unused sick days has been atop Governor Chris Christie’s ‘to-do’ list for months. He constantly rails against the Democrat-controlled legislature for not taking action. Princeton Township is the latest to make news in this area. Property taxpayers in the township will continue to pay their long-time municipal administrator and police chief for nine months after they leave their posts.

“Princeton voted for property tax relief by reducing costs and wasteful spending through consolidation and these types of golden parachute arrangements are unnecessary expenses that drive up property taxes,” says Assemblywoman Donna Simon. “Keeping top-tier administrators on the payroll for nine months after their unofficial retirement is no better for taxpayers than giving them a large check. In either scenario, public employees are paid for not working and that that doesn’t work for taxpayers.”

Simon is one of 18 Assembly Republicans sponsoring legislation which would outlaw cash payouts for new public employees. It would also require a doctor’s note whenever any new or current public employee uses six consecutive sick days. That would prevent the abusive use of sick time in someone’s final year of employment known as terminal leave.

Democrats have a bill to cap cash payouts of up to $7,500.