A shark expert from New Jersey's biggest aquarium speculates that the shark filmed at Island Beach State Park in early August is a Scalloped Hammerhead.

After reviewing the footage, Marc Kind, Director of Husbandry at Camden's Adventure Aquarium says the shark seen in the video is most likely a Scalloped Hammerhead, though he adds that it's difficult to identify without a clearer view of the shark's cephalophoil, which is its hammer-shaped head.

Kind says that it appears that the Hammerhead shark is using the surf to help seek out prey items like small fish, skates and rays.

Mike Ragone, the New Jersey man who filmed the Hammerhead shark said yesterday "there were skates, you can see them in the video."

Shark expert Marc Kind  says that it's unusual to have a Hammerhead shark sighting so close to the NJ coastline, as these animals typically stay further offshore in deeper waters. Kind says the warmer water temperatures that we've experienced this summer could be the reason for the increased shark sightings.

The Hammerhead shark sighting at Island Beach is the latest in a string of shark sightings at the Jersey Shore.  Last week a kayaker got more than he bargained for when he reeled in a 6-foot Thresher shark off the coast of Ocean City. Another videographer caught footage of a shark feeding frenzy at Island Beach State Park.

Area lifeguard Ian Clark says he spotted a 7-foot Sand Tiger Shark off the coast of Normandy Shores Beach last week when he was out on the paddle board near a sandbar.

"The most common shark we'll see around here is a brown shark," Normandy Shores lifeguard RJ Hager says. He adds that they also see Thresher and Nurse sharks.