In recent years, peanut allergies have become major news. Some sports arenas and stadiums have “peanut-free” zones. In New Jersey, a State Senator is asking airlines to take a look at their peanut policies.

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Today, the Senate Transportation Committee advanced approved a resolution sponsored by Senator Joe Kyrillos urging commercial airlines to implement and enact policies concerning peanuts on flights to address allergy concerns.

“Peanut allergies can have lethal consequences and are nothing to mess around with,” said Kyrillos. “Airlines have a responsibility to provide basic safeguards for passengers with special health needs. People who report a peanut allergy to an airline should have the comfort of knowing they won’t be served peanuts or put in danger of an allergic attack because of a fellow passenger’s snack.”

The resolution commends the existing policies of JetBlue and Southwest Airlines and asks other airlines, at a minimum, to announce to passengers on the plane that there is someone on board with an allergy to peanuts.

Roughly three million people in the United States alone report allergies to peanuts. The number of kids living with peanut allergies is believed to have tripled between 1997 and 2008.