A school in Bergen County is doing something awful. They call it inspiring students to do the right thing. I call it rewarding bare minimum expected behavior. The administration is giving out prizes such as pizzas, iTunes gift cards and movie tickets for being a decent well behaved person.One example given is if you see a student new to the school and you let them sit at your lunch table.

Really? So now simply NOT being a jerk is prize worthy? This reminds me of parents I will see in grocery stores trying to keep their kids in line through bribes. “If you let me get my shopping done and don’t act up I’ll buy you a toy.” I don’t think doing the bare minimum of what ought to be expected from you in the first place is worthy of gifts. Especially with kids the age of middle schoolers. It reminds me of the Chris Rock joke when talking about how some mothers say things like “Hey, I take CARE of MY kids!” To which he says, “Bitch you’re SUPPOSED to take care of your kids! You don’t get extra credit!!”

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