We've become a very tense and anxious nation. With more responsibilities at home and the office, the number of men and women suffering from stress is on the rise.

Acute anxiety has increased 1,200 percent over the last two decades in people throughout the nation.

"People are spending more time at work than ever before, people take fewer vacations than ever before, they sleep less" said Dr. Steven Tobias, a psychologist in Morristown.

He said there are a lot more responsibilities for people both at work, and at home.

"Its definitely being driven by the demands at work as the global economy gets more competitive, but it is also being driven by our families. There is more that our kids are doing, parents are taking kids from activity to activity and there is absolutely no down time anymore."

According to the National Institutes of Health, anxiety symptoms include:

· Difficulty concentrating

· Fatigue

· Irritability

· Problems falling or staying asleep; restless sleep

· Restlessness; becoming easily startled

How do you get back on track? Tobias says anxiety should be a wake up call that something needs to change.

"Look at your life, look at whether the things you are doing are really making you feel good and happy."

He also recommends lifestyle changes that can limit daily stress.

"Unplug at night. Turn off the computer, the television, put away the blackberry."