Do TV shows like "Jersey Shore" and high property taxes have an impact on what other states think about the Garden State? A new poll says yes.

Thirty-two percent of voters have a bad view of New Jersey, making it the second-highest negative state, according to results of Public Policy Polling.

"One possible reason is that states like New Jersey and Illinois have a lot of corrupt politicans that make the news a lot and the nation sees that" said poll analyst Jim Williams.

He said shows like "Jersey Shore" could also have influenced voters. "That show might also lead some voters to have a negative opinion of New Jersey as well."

Thomas Fleck of Manalapan, agrees. "I would definitely blame those New Yorkers that are on that puts our state in a bad light."

There are some differences across party lines.

"Democrats are 24% favorable towards New Jersey, Republicans are a little better at 29% favorable and independent voters have a 35% unfavorable view of the state."

"We have some corrupt politicians in our state and the rest of the country knows that," said Mary from Jackson.

Others blame the low rating on the state's highest in the nation property taxes.

"This is an expensive state to live in, no question about it....tolls, taxes, insurance rates" said Kevin from Brick.

Still, others enjoy New Jersey for the good things it has to offer.

"Beaches are great, we have good schools, great restaurants, New Jersey is a great place to live and raise a family" said Carrie from New Egypt.

"New Jersey only gets attention for the bad things we do...but this is a great state that just needs to clean up its act a little bit" said Bill from Toms River.

California was the only state perceived worse by voters, at 44% unfavorable.

Hawaii topped the list as the most favorable state in the nation at 54%. Other states viewed in positive territory include Colorado (44%), Tennessee (48%), Virginia (45%), and South Dakota (42%).