This case is a head shaker. Last week we had actor and comedian Carlo Bellario on the show to discuss the weapons charges being brought against him after he was using an air soft gun in a movie scene that he was filming for an independent film.

Since we helped bring the case to light, Bellario said all it has done is bring him more grief. In a new development, Bellario said that the public awareness he has brought to his case has only angered the prosecutor's office.

"They're grinding an axe for me, they're not happy with all the media I'm doing,"  Bellario said.

Not only is Bellario facing five years in prison for holding and pointing an air-soft weapon but now he is dealing with health issues as well. "All the stress and anxiety I've been going through, I wound up in the hospital the other night. This is really taking its toll on me."

I cannot believe that the state government hasn't stepped in and resolved this case for Bellario. This case doesn't need a trial, it needs some common sense. Luckily, NJ residents are willing to help our own and today on the show after I ranted about Bellario's case, others reached out to help out where they could.

A lawyer named Jeff called in to the show to offer to help Bellario. isten to my rant about Bellario's case and Jeff's call to offer help in the YouTube clip below.

Republican Assembly Leader Jon Bramnick also weighed in on Bellario's predicament. Bramnick pointed out that there is actually two different issues going on here. One is prosecutorial discretion and how a reasonable prosecutor should look over the case and see there was no intent whatsoever to break the law and an exception should be made.  Secondly,because of quirks like this in our gun laws, residents such as Bellario or out-of-state residents who have firearms licenses in other states are suffering and the laws need to be fixed.

Listen to Assembly Leader Jon Bramnick's full interview below,


Another NJ actor called in to the show to defend Carlo Bellario. Actor Heather O'Scanlon discussed the independent movie sets she's been on and how there are times where the directors and staff don't always have the necessary permits needed. "As an actor it would have never occurred to me to double-check 'hey, do you have a permit for this?' O'Scanlon stated.

Listen to my full interview with Heather O'Scanlon in the clip below.

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