A global security alert remains in effect, with several embassies and consulates shut down across the Middle East and Africa, after U.S. intelligence intercepted Al Qaeda "chatter" indicating a major new terror attack was in the planning stages.So what does this mean for the Garden State?

"The world is continually proving itself to be a dangerous place, New Jersey needs to realize that anything could happen at any place," said Vincent Bove, a security expert.

He pointed out terrorists are always looking for the element of surprise, and while it seems logical they would try to strike in New York or Washington. "There is also always the possibility that they could take a side-step and go to somewhere in New Jersey - there are plenty of landmarks and transportation routes critical to the infrastructure, and banking, and chemical facilities are here in New Jersey."

To be prepared, he said it is important to be vigilant, work together, and exercise the leadership necessary to safeguard our State."

"If Al Qaeda strikes somewhere abroad, it may spur so-called lone wolf terrorists to try something here - the possibility for an attack in the United States, in New York, in New Jersey is always there," added Bove.

He also stresseed it is best for New Jersey residents to have an abundance of caution, and if residents see anything suspicious, report it to authorities right away.