Are you still knee deep in debt? Four years after the height of the recession, New Jersey residents say they continue to struggle paying their bills.

Mortgage payments, credit card bills, even utility costs. Even as the recession hits the rearview, New Jerseyans are having a hard time keeping up.

"With high gas prices, the cost of food on the rise, electric costs, the cost of living, it is still a very big problem," said Simone from Toms River.

Its the latest sign that the recession is still having a lingering effect on finances.

"The economy is stagnant, I mean rent is going up, food costs, its almost impossible to have enough cash left at the end of the day to pay any of your credit card debt," said Tom from Manchester.

"I am a 23-year-old and at least $30,000 in debt," said Tina from Toms River.

And its not just the twenty somethings who are having trouble. Young families are also struggling.

"The housing market is in the toilet, prices for everything have gone up, you can't pay your bills," said Mary from Pt. Pleasant.

Even those that say they've gotten a better handle on things, still have a long way to go before their debt disappears.

"I always pay in cash, I never had any big payments in my name, but its not easy, I still have bills that are due," said Rene from Lakewood.

"I have slowed the bleeding down with my credit card debt, so, I'm getting there," said Carol from Brick.

Many say they're stashing away money now , trying to build a bigger cushion of savings to weather the next economic storm.

"You have to save something because what if the next recession is on the way."