Context is key, especially when you're analyzing 140 character statements on social media.

Matt Friedman and Republican candidate
Synovve Bakke, who recently got in a tussle over some political statements made online. An
article written by Friedman criticized Bakke, who's running for state assembly in an overwhelmingly Democratic district, for her tweets about Muslim immigrants.

Bakke said Friedman is trying to paint her as a bigot by taking her statements out of context and not considering the character limit on Twitter, which limited what she could convey in each tweet. She also said the efforts of Democratic operatives like him could  be a distraction from the lack of work that's being done in Trenton.

Friedman, who called in to defend himself, invited listeners to read Bakke's tweets for themselves. "Now, I want you to replace Muslims with Jews or blacks, and you tell me this wouldn't be a controversial statement," he said.

He argued that Bakke was accurately portrayed.

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