Its almost prom season, but do you have enough money to cover the costs?

According to a nationwide survey, the price of prom is going up from $700 last year to almost $1,000 per kid in 2012. New Jersey families say they're feeling the pinch.

"Its a lot to spend on one night" said one mother shopping for dresses with her daughter in Ocean County. "It was much cheaper a few years ago when her sister went."

How much is a typical dress going for this year? "Try at least $300 for one that no one else will have, it's expensive."

Add the cost of shoes, makeup, jewelry, flowers, tickets, photos and the limo, and you're talking some serious cash.

"Prom has become like a mini wedding for teens" said another mother from Toms River.

Even the limo prices are up this year, due to high gas prices. "I know that some limo companies are adding a fuel-surcharge to the price" said one mother in Brick.

Her daughter said some of the girls are trading dresses and sharing with older girls and family members. "I have older cousins that gave me a lot of choices and it would save my parents a lot of money if I wore one of those."

Six Ways To Save Money

1. Don't overspend on the dress or tuxedo. You don't need to go for the gown or the tux with all the extras. Keep it simple.

2. Do your own hair or let a friend do it for you and save the $50.

3. Skip the florist. Go with flowers from a smaller, less expensive place or even at the grocery store.

4. Take your own photos. Use a really good digital camera and print them out in different sizes.

5. Pack the limo. If you choose to take one, the more people are in it, the less each of you will ultimately end up spending.

6. Use coupons. Some offer discounts on tux rentals, shoes, or other accessories.